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my currently-reading shelf:
Janet Morrison's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (currently-reading shelf)

2 thoughts on “What I’m reading

  1. Janet. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the Like. It is much appreciated. I read your blog on blog traffic in 2017. I am blogging for the last three years or so. My blogs are basically chapters from novels I an writing or my essays and profiles. I am not a frequent blogger, maybe that’s why I don’t have much traffic. But I don’t want to be a person to be pressured for putting something out there for the sake of increasing traffic. I may contribute to your list of books to read, I am also on Goodreads.


    1. Ashok, thank you for your comment. I appreciate what you’re saying about not blogging for the sake of increasing traffic. I looked at your blog, but I don’t have time right now to start reading your novel. I’m intrigued about the idea of posting a novel one chapter at a time on a blog. Do you plan to self-publish it as a book when completed? I’m also on Goodreads. I’ll be happy to receive book recommendations from you.


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