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My vintage postcard book.

The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina is a vintage postcard book published by Arcadia Publishing in 2014. It covers the 26 westernmost counties in North Carolina as well as the three Tennessee counties included in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Paperback and electronic editions are available on, and the paperback edition is also available from the publisher at

Slaves and Free Blacks Known to be Associated with Rocky River Presbyterian Church Prior to 1870 is an 85-page booklet I compiled about the 917 slaves and 11 free black individuals who are known to have been baptized at and/or were communing members of the Rocky River congregation from the early 1800s until 1870. I drew from church records and census records while writing this booklet. One resource that added some age and physical condition information (as well as monetary value) about some of the slaves was the 1863 Cabarrus County, NC Tax Assessment List.

Rocky River Presbyterian Church and The War Between the States is a 33-page booklet I compiled about the 72 men from the Rocky River Presbyterian congregation in Cabarrus County, North Carolina who were killed or died of disease in America’s civil war in the 1860s. I used church records, census records, and various genealogy books to turn those 72 men from merely names and dates to flesh and bone individuals. The booklet does not glorify the Civil War. Its purpose is to shine a light on a local farm community and Presbyterian congregation and how the area was affected by losing so many young men in a four-year period.

Rocky River Presbyterian Church’s 250th Anniversary Historical Plays is a collection of the three plays I wrote for the congregation’s 250th anniversary in 2001: “A Visit from Elizabeth McKinley;” “Anna Jackson Visits Elizabeth McKinley;” and “Elizabeth McKinley and Friends.” Those plays were performed at the church during its year-long 250th celebration.

Rocky River Presbyterian Church Session Minutes, September 18, 1835-September 1870 is a 351-page transcript of the microfilmed church session minutes from the referenced dates. The church was established in 1751, but the earliest session minutes are from 1835. (Unlike the other books listed here, this book must be ordered from Rocky River Presbyterian Church, 7940 Rocky River Road, Concord, NC  28025. The church’s website is The phone number is 704-455-2479.)

Descendants of John & Mary Morrison of Rocky River is a 492-page hardcover book my sister, Marie Morrison, and I compiled and published in 1996.

Descendants of James & Jennet Morrison of Rocky River is a 768-page hardcover book my sister, Marie Morrison, and I compiled and published in 1996.

Descendants of Robert & Sarah Morrison of Rocky River is a 368-page hardcover book my sister, Marie Morrison, and I compiled and published in 1996.

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Aside from the vintage postcard book and the 1835-1870 church session minutes, the other books listed here can be ordered through my website: using PayPal.

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