McDowell County Historical Society

Last night I had the privilege of speaking at the May meeting of the McDowell County Historical Society in Marion, North Carolina. It was my first opportunity to talk about my vintage postcard book, The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to a county historical society. The audience seemed very interested in my presentation, asked great questions, and their comments added much to the presentation. After the program, I invited everyone to look at my book and enjoy some of the actual postcards from the book.

People looking at my display of postcards
People looking at my display of postcards

Several people in attendance were postcard collectors. I enjoyed “comparing notes” with them. The Mayor of Marion, Steve Little, was there. He brought some of his postcards to show me. He had many that I had not seen before, so I enjoyed looking at his cards.

Last week I created my first PowerPoint presentation and used it for the first time last night. I think it was an improvement over my earlier programs. I took a free class about PowerPoint at the Harrisburg Branch of the Cabarrus County Public Library. With what I learned in that class of just an hour or so, I was able to put together a 40-minute program for last night.

Last page of Janet's PowerPoint presentation
Last page of Janet’s PowerPoint presentation

I don’t have any more speaking engagements scheduled. I will continue to contact public libraries and civic organizations to get some programs on my calendar for late summer and next fall.

Free classes at public library

I have taken advantage of two free classes at the Harrisburg Branch of the Cabarrus County Public Library System recently. You can’t beat FREE!

I took a PowerPoint class because I think that skill will eventually come in handy with my writing. When I speak at a library or bookstore, it would be nice to be able to have a PowerPoint presentation to offer for the event.

The Skype class a couple of weeks ago was informative. It’s something I’d like to be able to do with far-flung friends and relatives, and it is a tool that might be advantageous in my writing. I can see that a literary agent might want to communicate via Skype. Many authors offer to “meet” with book clubs using Skype.

Last year I took a free Microsoft Excel class at the public library and almost immediately put that new skill to use by creating a tri-fold brochure about my books.

The public library is much more than a repository for books! If you haven’t visited your local public library lately, you need to “check it out!”