Another deadline met!

This has been an exciting week! On Tuesday I went for my first head shot. I do not enjoy having my picture made, but Joanna Rogers of Memories by JoannaR put me at ease and made me look pretty good. The session was relatively painless. Thanks, Joanna!

Today I had a sales and marketing (along with head shot) deadline with Arcadia Publishing. It was with great relief and pleasure that I clicked on the “send” button at 4:59 p.m. yesterday. Deadline met!

With that deadline met, I’m one step closer to the August 25 publication of The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Only 38 days, but who’s counting?

Notice for anyone wanting to order any of my three Rocky River Presbyterian Church history booklets: My costs have gone up dramatically since I set the prices listed on my website. Those prices include shipping, so I am now losing money on photocopying, binding, and shipping. Stay tuned for some necessary price increases. I hate to do it, but I can’t afford to lose money on every sale. In the mean time, if you wish to order one of those books, please contact me at for pricing information. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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