Successful first author event

I had my first author event this evening at the public library in Harrisburg for The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, and I didn’t pass out from fright or plummeting blood pressure. That’s a successful event in my book! There were smiling faces in the audience, which helped put me at ease. I probably talked too fast. Suddenly, it was over. People seemed to enjoy watching the slide show of my mountain pictures and some took time to look at the postcards I had on display. I’m not sure anyone took any of the word find puzzles I designed to go with the book, but that’s okay. I was only interrupted once by a freight train passing through. A thunderstorm came out of nowhere at the end and it poured rain. On the way home in the dark, we almost hit a cow that was walking in the road. (Reminded us of an evening drive on the Isle of Skye in Scotland!) We got stopped just in time to miss the cow and then crept along for the next half mile as the cow’s owner guided it home. Traffic backed up as the cow meandered from one side of the road to the other, but the cow didn’t get hurt and nobody got hurt. It was a tense situation that could have had a much different ending if we had been traveling any faster.

It was an eventful several hours.

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