Author event at library in Concord

I held my third author event to publicize The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina at the public library in Concord, NC on Saturday. Speaking in a large auditorium and using a microphone was more than a little intimidating. The mic wouldn’t pick up my voice when clipped to my lapel, so I had to hold it in my hand. I couldn’t hear myself, so it was difficult to judge if those in the audience could hear me. That was stressful. I felt like I talked too fast and too softly. Seasonal allergies in my throat didn’t help matters.

I was honored that the Concord Friends of the Library hosted the event. They did a super job with publicity. The event was touted on the front page of the Cabarrus News section of the Charlotte Observer twice! Several people in the audience commented on my mountain photos slide show, so I think it definitely adds to my presentation.

My next scheduled event is on November 13 at the public library in Mt. Pleasant, NC. I hope my voice will be stronger for that engagement.

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