I’ve Entered Another Writing Contest

In case you’re keeping score, I’ve entered another writing contest. The Sixth Annual Gemini Magazine Short Story Contest caught my eye for two reasons. First, the entrance fee was just $5. Second, the prizes are nice. By the law of averages, I figure if I enter enough writing contests I’m bound to win another one eventually.

I won the first writing contest I entered, which gave me a false sense of confidence. That was in 2003. It was the first and last writing contest I have won or even placed in. This is a good thing. I no longer puff myself up with illusions of grandeur when submitting an article or story for a magazine or writing contest.

The contest that I won was the November 2003 Writers’ Journal Travel Writing Contest. I wrote about a fascinating day trip I took to Orkney while visiting Scotland. My article won first place in the competition and was printed in the May/June 2004 issue of Writers’ Journal. Winning that contest validated me as a writer, which was much more important than the $50 prize.

I will know by June if I won or placed in the Gemini Magazine Short Story Contest, and you’ll be the second one to know.

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