What I read (or attempted to read) in March

My blog topic today was supposed to be “What I read in March,” but a more accurate title is “What I read (or attempted to read) in March.”

Considering the fact that March had 31 days, it is particularly frustrating that I only read one complete book: Miss Julia Delivers the Goods, by Ann B. Ross.

Ann B. Ross’s Miss Julia Books

In case you aren’t familiar with Ann B. Ross’s Miss Julia series of novels, they are set in western North Carolina and revolve around the misadventures of Miss Julia, a widow with a big heart and a penchant for getting herself into predicaments. For Rocky River Readers Book Club on March 21, we were each asked to read a Miss Julia book of our choice. It had been several years since I’d read one, so I enjoyed getting reacquainted with this fictional character.

Books I Attempted to Read

Due to health circumstances beyond my control, including almost daily vertigo, I was unable to read very long at a time or with any regularity. The result was a number of half- or quarter-read books that had to return to the library.

A few of the books I started reading in March include: Raising Ryland: Our Story of Parenting a Transgender Child, by Hillary and Jeff Whittington; B is for Burglar, by Sue Grafton; The Family Tree, by Karen Branan; Forgotten Seastress, by Liz Trenow; Forsaken, by Ross Howell, Jr.; and King’s Mountain, by Sharyn McCrumb.

I look forward to finish reading each of these book eventually, but not until my head stops spinning and my eyes quit jumping.

Happy reading to each of us in April!

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