Shingles in Right Eye

Just a note to let you know that the shingles virus has transitioned into postherpetic neuralgia. My eye is healing beautifully, but the burning pain due to damaged nerves throughout the right side of my head is presenting quite a challenge and can last for months. I am still unable to read or do much at all, so my writing is almost at a standstill.

I hope to be able to resume blogging in a few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Shingles in Right Eye

  1. Just a thought, why don’t you dictate your posts. There are aapps where you can do voice to written word. Sorry about your shingles. I’ve not heard of it in the eye before. I can’t imagine the pain. I hope you will be well soon.

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  2. Sonni, I’m on the computer for a few minutes and saw your note. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried voice to written word software (brand escapes me) several years ago and it was a disaster. Maybe these things aren’t designed to accommodate a Southern accent??? I am improving, so maybe I can get back to my blog in a few days. The eye itself has healed, but I’m still on steroid drops. The eye is weak, so the computer screen does irritate it. The physician’s assistant was pleased this afternoon with improvement in the rash in the last two weeks. She adjusted the schedule for my pain meds to try to head off the awful itching and burning pain. She said she does not expect the neuralgia to last more than six months — which was actually encouraging news since sometimes it can last a year or more. I am learning patience, if nothing else during this ordeal. Still can’t read or write very long. Never have been a fan of books on CD, but I checked one out at the library on the way home from the doctor. I don’t know what I’d do without my sister. She transports me to all my appointments. Good to hear from you. Thanks again for your note.


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