10 Things I’ve Learned about Twitter

I’m new to Twitter this year. Call me old. Call me anti-social. I struggle with it. The following are 10 things I’ve learned about Twitter:

1. You not only are expected to send a tweet every day, you’re expected to send out tweets throughout the day.

2. It’s amazing how much you can say in 140 characters.

3. It’s amazing how much you can’t say in 140 characters.

4. Twitter for Dummies is too advanced for me.

5. As a hopeful would-be novelist, I’m told that I must have a presence and a following on Twitter.

6. As an introvert, I am pulled out of my comfort zone when I use Twitter.

7. All I wanted to do was write a book. At the age of 63, I didn’t bargain for Twitter.

8. By the time I get comfortable using Twitter, it will be obsolete.

9. Nothing I want to tweet about, such as #historicalfiction, is trending. I wonder why. LOL!

10. I might Tweet occasionally, but I refuse to let it or a SmartPhone dictate my life. If that means my novel, The Spanish Coin, will never be published… so be it.

I am willing to try to learn new things, but creating a presence on Twitter just might require more effort than I’m able to give it.

2 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve Learned about Twitter

  1. I just got in from a trip, but I will definitely take a look at your social media blog. Sounds interesting! Thanks for visiting my blog.


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