Did you meet your 2016 reading challenge?

Did you participate in a 2016 reading challenge and, if so, did you meet the challenge?

I blogged on March 11, 2016 and June 24, 2016 (How’s that 2016 reading challenge working for you?) that I was participating in the 2016 reading challenge offered by the Mint Hill Branch of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Library. I had high hopes of reading books in at least 12 of the 19 categories. Unfortunately, I only read books in the following nine categories:

  1. Book published in 2015: The Bookseller, by Cynthia Swanson
  2. Book with a number in title: Tricky Twenty-Two, by Janet Evanovich
  3. Nonfiction book: No Better Friend: One Man, One Dog, and Their Extraordinary Story of Courage and Survival in World War II, by Robert Weintraub
  4. Book with a color in title: Gray Mountain, by John Grisham
  5. A humorous book: Miss Julia Delivers the Goods, by Ann B. Ross
  6. Book with a one-word title: Damaged, by Lisa Scottoline
  7. Mystery or thriller: Don’t Go, by Lisa Scottoline
  8. Book that might scare you: The Woman in Cabin 10, by Ruth Ware
  9. Book written by an author with my initials: Ruin Falls, by Jenny Milchman

I also read 36% of a 2015 Pulitzer Prize winner by Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See, before it had to be returned to the public library. I’m back on the wait list for it, so I hope to finish reading it in 2017. What was the book I read in 2016 that I still think about? No Better Friend: One Man, One Dog, and Their Extraordinary Story of Courage and Survival in World War II, by Robert Weintraub. I highly recommend it.

My personal reading goal for 2016 was to read 52 books. I read 31 books which, ironically, is the same number I read in 2015. My next blog post in a few days will be about the three books I’ve read so far in December.

I look forward to reading many interesting and entertaining books in 2017. If you missed my December 27, 2016 blog post, it was about the 2017 reading challenge I designed for myself. Feel free to adopt it or write your own challenge.

Until my next blog post, I hope you have a good book to read. If you’re a writer, I hope you have productive writing time.


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