4 Popular Book Bloggers Who Will Give You Book Suggestions

In case you want to know about more book bloggers than I’ve written about in the last weeks, I’m suggesting a few more for you to check out. These are listed in random order.

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The Chocolate Lady’s Book Review Blog

I must admit, I was attracted to this blog by the word “chocolate” being in the title. What can I say?

Davida Chazan is originally from Illinois but moved to Israel at the age of 21. She writes this blog from her home in Jerusalem. She covers a variety of books, and you can always count on an honest review from her.

Here’s the link to Davida’s website: https://tcl-bookreviews.com/. By clicking on “A-Z Index of Book Reviews By Title” at the top of her website, you can bring up an extensive alphabetical list of the books she has reviewed. By “extensive,” I mean extensive!

Also, she has a fun drop-down list of authors you can access by clicking on “Countdown Questions Author Index.” You can really have some fun with this. Click on a book listed under the author’s name and it brings her Davida’s review of that book. Click on the author’s name, though, and it brings up a delightful list of questions Davida asked the author along with the author’s answers. The last time I checked, there are more than 40 authors on that particular list.

The website also has a clickable “Women in Translation” button at the top. Click on it to see the authors who write in a language other than English. They are celebrated in the month of August.

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The Reading Ladies Book Club

Carol, a retired fifth-grade teacher is the brains behind this book blog. Her favorite genres are historical fiction, literary fiction, and contemporary fiction. She is an ardent reader and enjoys sharing her thoughts about the books she reads.

Here’s the link to The Reading Ladies Book Club website: http://Reading Ladies – Book Club. On the home page, you can easily peruse and click on the titles and covers of the books Carol has recently reviewed.

Click on “Blogging Resources for Bloggers” at the top of her website for blog posts in which Carol has shared advice for bloggers.

If you’re in a book club (or if you aren’t in a book club), I highly recommend you click on “Book Club Recommendations” at the top of her website. As you might guess, it brings up a list of books by genre and how many stars Carol gave each one.

To see a list of the books Carol has reviewed, click on “Book Reviews A-Z & Book Lists.” After the alphabetical list of books is a list of her blog posts that were about more than one book.

There is a section to click on if you’re just interested in nonfiction books, and she has a special section that harkens back to her days as a teacher: “My Newberry Award Project.” Click on that button to bring up a list of the annual winner of The John Newberry Medal every year4 since 1922! That award is given by the American Library Association to the author deemed to have made the best contribution to American books for children.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone in The Reading Ladies Book Club Blog.

Photo credit: Gülfer ERGİN on Unsplash

Steph’s Book Blog

I love the subtitle of Steph’s Book Blog:  “Read a Book – Be Amazed – Tell the World.” How great is that?

Steph says she is a lifelong reader who also dabbles in genealogy, local history, and photography. (Sounds a lot like me!)

By clicking on “Blog Posts” at the top of her website, https://stephsbookblog.com, you can scroll through her recent book reviews. Or, if you’re looking for her review of a book by a particular author, you can click on “Authors” for a drop-down menu of authors by alphabet.

There’s also a search box in which you can type a book title or author’s name.

Some authors participate in a “Blog Tour” in which various book bloggers read and review a specific book of theirs (usually a new release) on an organized schedule. Steph has a clickable “Blog Tours” button through which you can find a list of the books she has reviewed as part of a blog tour.

Photo by Eliabe Costa on Unsplash

Bonnie Reads and Writes

I just recently found this book blog via Twitter. Bonnie says she’s “lucky enough to live in the Smoky Mountains.” I’d say she is, therefore, “lucky enough.” I love the Great Smoky Mountains! But I digress.

Here’s the link to her blog: https://bonniereadsandwrites.com/. Bonnie blogs throughout the week. One thing I really appreciate is that she sometimes has “Indie Weekend” blog posts in which she reviews indie-published books. For instance, on October 8, 2022, her “Indie Weekend” blog post highlighted Distant Flickers, a new collection of short stories by eight authors, including Elizabeth Gauffreau. That link is http://Indie Weekend: Distant Flickers #shortstorycollections #choices #crossroads – Bonnie Reads and Writes.

In addition to reviewing books on her blog, Bonnie reviews books for Historical Novels Review Magazine, the magazine of the Historical Novel Society.

On Tuesdays, Bonnie blogs a ‘Top 10” list. A recent one was about her 10 favorite bookstores or bookstores she’d like to visit.

In case you missed my earlier posts about book bloggers

Two of my last four blog posts were about book bloggers I enjoy following. In case you missed those posts, here are the links: Do you know about these 5 book bloggers? and This Week: An Additional 5 Book Bloggers.

Since my last blog post

The ”Launch a Bestseller” course by Tim Grahl is going great! I have learned so much already and have gotten back on track with my writing.

I continue to format my “Did You Know?” local history newspaper articles for publication as a couple of Kindle books.

Until my next blog post

I hope you have a good book to read – and time to read it!

Remember the brave people of Ukraine, the grieving people of Uvalde, the Floridians who lost so much to Hurricane Ian, and the people grieving last week’s mass murder in Raleigh.


27 thoughts on “4 Popular Book Bloggers Who Will Give You Book Suggestions

  1. Wonderful suggestions Janet! And a great description. I do think of those poor but brave, people of Ukraine, and the victims of Hurricane Ian in Florida. When I see the images of the destruction it reminds me of Hurricane Andrew back in 1992… Horrible destruction of life and property. And of course the victims in Uvalde, Texas, who perished not only because a mad-man with an assault weapon came at them but because the police stood down and allowed it. Incredible! But there is much suffering in this world, many injustices, many wrongs, many disasters and too many greedy men who would make humanity tremble just so they can enrich themselves. But above all of this there is a God who is in control and who they will have to answer to, so, although the things I see on the tele scare me, they don’t terrorise me because I know that only God can take your soul. I hope you are still working on your principal projects, including your novel because I know it will be a smashing good book once it is finished and myself and many of your readers are anxious to read it. Here in Spain the summer refuses to budge! It is still short-sleeve shirt weather around most of the country, but we are not complaining in my area as we are blessed with blue, sunny skies and little rain (although the country needs more rain) so our lives are enjoyed in our outdoor cafes and bars with ease and comfort and that is wonderful. Take good care and all the best,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for passing these book bloggers along, Janet. I’m a big fan of “Bonnie Reads & Writes,” so it was good to see you recommend her site. Thanks also for the shout-out to Distant Flickers. Much appreciated!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is great, Janet. Recommendations are always so inspiring. A little more time would also be great! I have opened up extra tabs to explore some of those bloggers. I don’t review books as often as I’d like, but to be honest I am such a slow reader, as I choose to fill my time with other exciting exploits. However, I just had to write a blog review today about a book I managed to devour in just two days. I wonder if you have read it?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for your detailed comment. I, too, live in the assurance that God is in control. I don’t know how people who are not believers get through their day. There is so much suffering in the world! I suppose it has always been so. In the past, we just weren’t bombarded with it 24/7 on TV like we are today. I’m envious of your warm temperatures. It has been quite windy here for several days, which means the leaves are falling from the trees like snow. It also means I have to wear a mask to go outside because my seasonal allergies are through the roof! Here in the southern piedmont of NC we have continued to have mild temperatures; however, we have a freeze warning tonight. Yikes! We haven’t even had frost yet! Everything seems out of order now when it comes to the weather. I’m blessed that my love of writing can be an indoor sport! I’m back working on that novel in earnest this week with daily word count goals and the whole bit. I thoroughly enjoyed writing and doing some more historical research for it yesterday. I also have daily word count goals for the formatting of Book One of the local history articles I wrote for the newspaper a decade ago. My sister is graciously assisting with the proofreading, which I hope we’ll finish by the end of the month. I’ll sign off for now. It’s time to get back to it! All the best, Janet


  5. Great to hear from you, Dawn. I stopped immediately and read your review of Eye Can Write. What an extraordinary-sounding book! Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I definitely want to read it. While visiting your blog, I also took the time to read your “About” page to refresh my memory. I’m amazed at all you do. It’s a wonder you have time to read anything. Like you, I’m pulled in so many directions and interested in a variety of things. Take care, and thanks so much for reading my blog and taking the time to leave a comment.


  6. Sounds wonderful Janet! I’m sure you will move steadily forward with both projects. And a freeze warning! Wow! Here leaves are falling like snow as well but it isn’t even swester weather. I can’t wait for cooler days… keep up good work Janet and all the best. Blessings to you both.

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  7. Thank you, Janet. I often read your blogs, but don’t always take time to comment. You won’t regret reading Jonathan’s book.
    I think I might need to refresh my own ‘About’ page – I’m not sure if I’d still recognise myself from it? 😀 Blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m just seeing this post! Thanks so much for the shout out Janet! Greatly appreciated! Davida writes incredible reviews!

    When I responded to a comment you left on my blog today, I realized that even though I follow you, I hadn’t turned on notifications. I’ve fixed that and look forward to engaging with you more!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Thank you, Carol. I’m glad you saw the post and I’m pleased that you liked what I said. I don’t have many followers, so I don’t know how many new readers you received from my post. I don’t always get to read your posts, but I try to catch the historical fiction ones. I look forward to engaging with you more as well!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. You’re welcome, Davida. I’m glad Carol made you aware of it. We’re all busy and supportive of one another, but life gets busy and I know I can’t keep up with all the blogs I enjoy reading.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I always enjoy your reviews, Carol, and your website is so well organized. I’m glad you liked what I wrote about it. Also, thank you for telling Davida about the post. She has responded to me today.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Sorry for the duplicate comment! I didn’t see the first one go through! 😰 After you commented on mine today I had some time and couldn’t remember if I’ve ever returned the favor of commenting on your blog. I scrolled through to find a post to read and this one caught my eye! I was so pleased to see my blog listed! I think the reason I didn’t know about it is because I only receive a notification if you link to a specific post. Thanks for reading my reviews! It seems we share a love for histfic!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. That’s quite all right, Carol. I guess I just relied on dumb luck that the book reviewers would see my post. I still have so much to learn! And, yes, we do share a love for histfic! Looking back, I know those were the stories and books I’ve been drawn to since my third grader teacher read a little from the book White Squaw: The True Story of Jennie Wiley, by Arville Wheeler, to us every day after lunch. I was mesmerized! Miss Jarrell never knew what a reading and writing seed she planted in me.

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  14. To have someone else know you’ve mentioned his or her blog, you need to link to one of their posts. Simply entering their blog url won’t send them a notification. I didn’t realize this for a long time!

    God bless teachers! 🙌💖

    Liked by 1 person

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