Have you signed up for my newsletter?

May will be here in a few days, and that means it’s time for my second newsletter. The last two months have flown by!

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In case you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, it only takes a minute. Go to my website, https://www.janetmorrisonbooks.com, and click on the “Subscribe” button on any page on the site. Verify that you are a human being, and fill in your name and email address. That’s all there is to it.

What’s in it for you?

In return for signing up for my newsletter, you will receive an email from me containing a link for you to use to download a copy of my short story, “Slip Sliding Away: A Southern Historical Short Story.”

Then, every other month you will receive my newsletter in your email inbox.

Why in the world would I have a newsletter?

Come on. Admit it. That question is bouncing around in your head along with, “What could Janet Morrison have to put in a newsletter?”

I’ll address that in a minute, but first let’s discuss the “Why?”

In an effort to get my name out there as a legitimate writer, I’ve spent a good amount of time reading up on author websites and author newsletters. All the writing craft books, free webinars, and courses I’ve taken emphasize the importance of a writer being able to communicate with her audience.

I’m early in the process of finding my audience. My website was redesigned a couple of months ago. In conjunction with the development of the website I now have a way to compile an email list of people who are interested in my books.

I will never send you spam and I will never give away or sell my email list. It is my intention to only email you six times a year to deliver my newsletters to you.

“What could Janet Morrison have to put in a newsletter?”

I primarily want to keep you up-to-date on my writing projects. I’ll include the titles of books my subscribers have recommended, field trips I go on – some for research for my writing and others just for fun or information, my author events, reviews my books have received, and trivia questions that can be answered by reading my books.

I will tell you about short stories and books I’m working on, so you’ll be the first to know how those are coming along and when you can expect them to be published.

You’ll find out that I don’t tell everything I know in my blog posts!

I’m a work in progress…

and so is my author’s platform. I blogged about an author’s platform way back on April 15, 2016 in Update on sorting out social media. I blogged about this subject again on November 29, 2016 in My Author Brand Progress Report – Part 1 (with CORRECTION). The list goes on and on. You’ve seen me struggle with various forms of social media and failing at most of them.

I’m still trying to find my niche. I’ve invested time in Twitter and other social media platforms. I’ve found a few kindred spirits out there, but not a big following.

I’m committing myself to this newsletter. I much prefer that to social media I’m expected to spend hours on each day. I’d rather be writing or reading or a host of other things, so let’s plan to continue with the blog every Monday and then in May, July, September, November, January, March, etc. let’s get together over my newsletter to dig a little deeper into what I’m writing and reading and what you’re reading. And, if you’re also writing, please share that so I can include it. Let’s have some fun with a trivia question in each newsletter. Hint: you’ll probably need to read my books or short stories to find the answers.

What have you been reading lately that you’d recommend?

I want to share your reading recommendations with others on my newsletter list. Join the list and then send me your book recommendations. With your permission, I’ll add your name and recommendations to my next newsletter.

Until my next blog post

I hope you have at least one good book to read.

Make time for family and friends. Fellowship does a body good.

Remember the people of Ukraine.


15 thoughts on “Have you signed up for my newsletter?

  1. Yes, I did sign up for your newsletter the first time you announced it and I am very glad that I did. I know you are a work in progress, as you have said, because you have been working on your novel, your books and now your website. You’ve done your due diligence expertly and wisely and things will go fabulous for you. I always said I admire your artistic discipline, your hard work and your desire to meet your goals, step by step, part by part. That is how it is done, with organisation, precision and long hours of work. Art does not come easy in any of her manifestations. Good luck always and I hope you are enjoying good spring weather in South Carolina. Here it is very nice indeed. even to go to the beach…

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  2. I’ll be interested in hearing how the newsletter strategy works out for you. My preference is still for blogging to connect with readers, although I know I’m committing the cardinal sin of building witer platform by saying that.

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  3. I dabble in social media…..but it’s not my fav part of the blogging life! I’d rather be reading! We need to connect on twitter. I tweeted this post for you and I’ll make an effort to tweet all your future posts. I’m heading over now to sign up for your newsletter.

    My fav reads so far this year are West With Giraffes, Violin Conspiracy, And There Was Light, and Atlas of the Heart.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you, Carol, for signing up for my newsletter! I’m thrilled! Yes, we should connect on Twitter, and I must do better at checking for tweets and tweeting. I’ve really neglected it lately. After all the turmoil with Elon Musk, I’ve considered using him as my excuse to get off Twitter. LOL! No excuse is too small for me when it comes to social media. I’ll look for you there, though, and I’ll try to do better. I’m @janetmorrisonbk. I have West With Giraffes from the library and I’ve read Atlas of the Heart. Which And There Was Light have you read? There are several by that title out now. (I could probably find out by checking your blog, but I’m lazy. Actually, my computer encountered a Microsoft corruption last week and I just got it back a couple of hours ago. I’m playing catch-up on all fronts now. Couldn’t use Word or anything for five days. Yikes!

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  5. Sorry I’m slow to respond, Francis. My computer experienced a massive Microsoft corruption and I’ve been unable to do hardly anything on the computer for five days. Got everything back a couple of hours ago, so I’m trying to catch up with everything. It worked out well that I was in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina for much of that time. Yes, I have you on my mailing list for the newsletter. Thank you for signing up for it, and please forgive me if I didn’t thank you earlier. I hope to get the next newsletter sent out on Monday, May 1. I have most of the content under control now, but not the template. After a record-breaking high near 90 F. last Thursday, it turned cool again on Friday and that chilliness has set in for a little while it seems. I enjoyed some hot chocolate in my favorite penquin mug tonight. I’ll be glad when the warmth returns and stays for a few months. I’m glad your weather has turned nice. Ahhhh…. the beach. One can dream!

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  6. Sorry to hear about your computer and I am glad that it is now fixed. Well today we are experiencing a heat wave, not yet here in my city but close by temperatures are soaring in an unusual manner for April. And Europe is suffering from a terrible draught that will have severe repercussions because of the lack of water for irrigation of farmland. Well, life is interesting, there’s always something… but we are grateful to God always. He is in charge. I look forward to your next newsletter. Take good care, enjoy the cooler weather while you can and all the best with sunshine! And yes, the beach is certainly inviting…

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  7. Thanks for the clarification on the book. That was my first inclination, but I didn’t want to assume. I wanted to list it in my May newsletter as a book you’d read and I wanted to include the author’s name. Thanks for the follow on Twitter. I’ll try to get on Twitter later tonight and follow you. Great!

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  8. Slowly but surely I’m catching up on all my computer stuff. Worked on my May newsletter for several hours this afternoon and forgot all about a writing-related webinar I’d registered for at 3pm. Fortunately, a replay will be available tomorrow… if I can remember to watch it! I’m sorry to learn about the drought in Europe. So much long-term damage comes from such events, not to mention the immediate struggles with crops. I pray there will be relief soon. God is in charge, but He constantly has to work around all the messes humans make. It’s too bad all people don’t have the respect for the earth that Native Americans have. Rainy and cool here for the next several days. I’m happy to sit inside, read books, and write. I’m eager to get back to seriously working on my novel. I’ve said that before, but this time I mean it! LOL!

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  9. I am sure you’ll get back to work on your novel. Don’t worry, everything has its time and you will know. God is in charge but man tends to destroy. It is a struggle but with love still reigning over humanity, we will win. All the best!

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