Another rejection

Another rejection. Such is the life of a freelance writer. I submitted a devotional to The Upper Room last June. After eight months, I had forgotten about it. Yesterday I received an e-mail telling me my piece had not been selected for use in the daily devotional publication.

The devotional I submitted in June was about Mary and Martha in the Bible and my sister and me. The way my sister and I interact with one another and many of our personality traits remind me of Mary and Martha.

I am disappointed that my work was not accepted for publication. It would have been helpful if I had been given a reason for the rejection so I would know where I failed. The number of submissions The Upper Room receives prevents critiques.

I will probably try again sometime, when I think I have something worthwhile to contribute. It takes patience to try to write for magazines or daily devotional publications. The lead time is months long or even one year. Like happened in this instance, one can forget about a submission by the time a piece is accepted or rejected by the publisher or editor.

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