Mudhouse Sabbath

I just read Mudhouse Sabbath, by Lauren F. Winner. Dr. Winner is a Jewish Christian. In Mudhouse Sabbath, she explores various facets of the Jewish faith and practices in which she grew up and makes comparisons with her current Christian faith. Each of the 11 chapters looks at a different practice or ritual, including keeping the Sabbath, prayer, fasting, candle lighting, and weddings.

Dr. Winner misses some of the practices that gave her comfort when she was a practicing Jew, and she looks for ways to incorporate them or similar activities into her life now as a Christian.

Mudhouse Sabbath is an easy read in that it is written in layman’s terms and in a personal style that has the feel of sitting and having a conversation with Dr. Winner. Although it can be read quickly, it will leave the reader with a number of things to ponder.

Rocky River Presbyterian Church near Concord, North Carolina, will begin a Lenten study tomorrow based on Mudhouse Sabbath. It promises to be a thought-provoking study as we examine some of our practices and beliefs as compared to those of the Jewish faith out of which Christianity grew.

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