12 thoughts on “Things I Learned from How the Word is Passed – Part III

  1. Janet I am glad to see that you are continuing diligently to research and prepare to fully give life to the characters in your book. That is an admirable trait. I think that in writing, as in all the arts, research, investigation and practice (re-writing) is essential and needed to help one develop the talent to complete the task successfully and artistically. Art is contrived reality that must be brought about from real emotional sources but not necessarily the same emotion demonstrated. It cannot just surge raw like in real life, therefore to re-create that in a character, as you write, is as difficult and as complex as what an actor does to create that character onstage. Great work Janet. I wish I could be as disciplined. I am working, though on my poetry book that I want to present to an editor as soon as I get back to Spain this autumn. The book you have reviewed is very interesting as well, and I will not proffer opinions as I have already and we have successfully discussed it. Take good care, hope you do not get any bad weather from this Hurricane Ida that just passed through Louisiana and is heading (as a rain storm) north and west…
    All the best,

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  2. Thank you, Francesc. Some days I have more discipline than others. I’m going through a time of second-guessing myself on writing this novel. I’ve poured years into it, but is it what God wants me to be spending my time on? I’m praying about it and will go with whatever He wants me to do. This book has been my plan, but I need to be sure it’s God’s plan for me. I tried working on one of my characters today, but my heart wasn’t in it. No use trying to force creativity when there’s a mental block. I think I’ve been pushing myself too much lately and need to back off a little. I tend to do that when I give myself self-imposed goals and deadlines. I think I’ll give myself some days off this week. On September 6 I’ll begin an 8-week online writing course, so we’ll see where that takes me. Hurricane Ida has been a monster of a storm. The first rain bands from what’s left of it are supposed to reach us by tomorrow night, with the worst of it coming through here on Wednesday; however, Tennessee and the mountains of North Carolina will catch the brunt of it and we’re likely to be on the eastern edge. Thanks for your good wishes on that, and thank you for your well-thought-out words about art, writing, and acting. Thank you for your words of support and encouragement. My best to you, Janet

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  3. Discipline, dedication to the work one does, the art one does, and hard work at it are crucial ingredients needed to be able to create a finished artistic project, however, we are human and we do need rest and relaxation, distractions and entertainment. We cannot allow perfect to be the enemy of good, as one friend and colleague told me long ago when I was on the police force. God speaks when we are silent and listen, and prayer, like Jesus said, should not be a constant stream of words but must come from the spirit within us, the part that is in communion with God. I am sure your prayers will be answered and if it is in your heart to write that novel, I am sure God has planned it for you and the pieces will fall neatly in place and your project will be a success. Take good care, we all pray for those that are and were in harm’s way, in the US, in Spain, where my city is being now “attacked” by huge storms…without names…but there is flooding and destruction, and as well for those servicemen and women that proudly served their country in Afghanistan and that have now finally come home. Take good care and all the best.

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  4. Francis, thank you for your uplifting words. I especially like what your police force friend and colleague said about not letting perfect be the enemy of good. I’m going to write that down and keep it in mind as I continue to work on my book. Thank you for sharing that and your faith. Things do look better to me today than a day or two ago. I was not aware of the storms in Valencia until you brought them to my attention. I’ve since looked at reports online. That kind of flooding is frightening! I do hope and pray that your home has suffered no damage when you return there. Having lived in the US, I’m sure you’re very much aware of how our news agencies here tend to only report what’s happening in the US. I do try to watch a TV station from Tokyo that is carried by one of our public TV stations in order to have a better idea what’s going on in the rest of the world. It’s an arrogance in America that I wasn’t truly aware of until I visited England and Scotland. We tend to think America is the center of the universe. Take care. Janet

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  5. Thank you Janet. Fortunately I have a flat in the town centre (downtown) where it does not flood, but I certainly do appreciate your well wishes. Take your time and rejoin the efforts you’ve already put into your work and with a clear head I am sure you will proceed successfully. Take good care and I hope your area is not battered much by the remnants of H. Ida. All the best!

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