Author event at Aldersgate

I enjoyed a delicious lunch and speaking to the Presbyterians who live at Aldersgate in Charlotte yesterday. I opened with some facts about the ways postcards have changed over the years, and then I talked about a few of the many things I learned while doing the research for The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina vintage postcard book. I passed around 60 of my vintage North Carolina mountain postcards afterwards along with copies of one of the word find puzzles I designed to go with the book. The old postcards and the word find puzzles seemed to be hits. It was a cordial group and many of the places and events I talked about seemed to trigger good memories for many of them.

I learned last Thursday that my book is available at Moose Pharmacy in Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina. Today I was notified that The Wrinkled Egg in Flat Rock, North Carolina has ordered a dozen copies. Great news!

Author event in Mt. Pleasant

I had a wonderful time last night making new friends and talking about my vintage postcard book, The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina at the public library in Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina. The people in the audience were happy and interested. Thank you, Mt. Pleasant Friends of the Library, for hosting the event.

Where would we be without Friends of the Library organizations? Thank you for all you do to support and put a spotlight on our public libraries!

Author event at library in Concord

I held my third author event to publicize The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina at the public library in Concord, NC on Saturday. Speaking in a large auditorium and using a microphone was more than a little intimidating. The mic wouldn’t pick up my voice when clipped to my lapel, so I had to hold it in my hand. I couldn’t hear myself, so it was difficult to judge if those in the audience could hear me. That was stressful. I felt like I talked too fast and too softly. Seasonal allergies in my throat didn’t help matters.

I was honored that the Concord Friends of the Library hosted the event. They did a super job with publicity. The event was touted on the front page of the Cabarrus News section of the Charlotte Observer twice! Several people in the audience commented on my mountain photos slide show, so I think it definitely adds to my presentation.

My next scheduled event is on November 13 at the public library in Mt. Pleasant, NC. I hope my voice will be stronger for that engagement.

Book Launch Party!

I had a great time this afternoon at my book launch party for The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina! There were 55-60 people in attendance and I felt so much love from everyone. I was honored that so many people took time out of the middle of a beautiful late summer Sunday afternoon to come out to support me. It was overwhelming to look up from my table and see that long line of people waiting to purchase MY book! It was thrilling to give away the six door prizes. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. It was a wonderful afternoon!

Preparing for Book Launch

I put the finishing touches on the “script” and the door prize display board today. I have everything together that needs to go to the book launch. After six weeks or more of anticipation, the big day is almost here. If you live within driving distance of Rocky River Presbyterian Church, 7940 Rocky River Road, Concord, NC, please come to my book launch party for The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina at 3:00 pm on Sunday, September 21, 2014.

Successful first author event

I had my first author event this evening at the public library in Harrisburg forĀ The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, and I didn’t pass out from fright or plummeting blood pressure. That’s a successful event in my book! There were smiling faces in the audience, which helped put me at ease. I probably talked too fast. Suddenly, it was over. People seemed to enjoy watching the slide show of my mountain pictures and some took time to look at the postcards I had on display. I’m not sure anyone took any of the word find puzzles I designed to go with the book, but that’s okay. I was only interrupted once by a freight train passing through. A thunderstorm came out of nowhere at the end and it poured rain. On the way home in the dark, we almost hit a cow that was walking in the road. (Reminded us of an evening drive on the Isle of Skye in Scotland!) We got stopped just in time to miss the cow and then crept along for the next half mile as the cow’s owner guided it home. Traffic backed up as the cow meandered from one side of the road to the other, but the cow didn’t get hurt and nobody got hurt. It was a tense situation that could have had a much different ending if we had been traveling any faster.

It was an eventful several hours.

Another author event scheduled

I’m scheduled to talk about The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to the Presbyterians who are residents of Aldersgate in Charlotte on October 20 and have a book signing. I look forward to seeing some friends and making new ones that day.

Another door prize has arrived for my Book Launch Party! I received two complimentary adult tickets for Chimney Rock State Park, valued at $30. I have six door prizes for the event. Perhaps more will come before September 21.

I placed copies of my book on consignment yesterday at White Owl Antique Mall and Design Center in Concord, North Carolina. When in Concord, drop by and support this local business.

In my “spare time,” I have put Christmas items on my online craft shop on Look for Hickory Ridge Crafts on that site to see the things that my sister and I have made.

We are also continuing to organize the history room/church library in the new building at Rocky River Presbyterian Church. The official opening is next weekend.

There’s never a dull moment around here!